Health & Medical FAQs

Q: What insurance do you accept in your Assisted Living community?

A: We participate in the Medicaid Waiver program.  Contact Ingleside Assisted Living for assistance in determining if you have appropriate coverage.

 A: Certain private insurance companies now offer long-term care coverage for Assisted Living communities. Review your policy with your insurance agent to determine if your policy would cover some or all of the cost of an Assisted Living community. 

A: Veterans benefits may also cover a portion of the daily rate of Assisted Living. Contact your VA office of Long-Term Care Housing and speak with a Social Worker that can assist you with obtaining coverage or reviewing the extent of your coverage.

Q: Do I need to bring my own physician or do you have physicians on staff?

A: Ingleside Homes does not have a medical director on staff. We will requested information about your physicians for our records, and to contact should your health required us to do so. There are many excellent local physicians with privileges at St. Francis Hospital and Wilmington Hospital that are accepting new patients.  There are physicians that will also make home visits to Ingleside Homes. 

 A: At our Assisted Living, we have a visiting physician from Wilmington Hospital that can become a residents primary care provider. If a resident is going out of the facility for physician visits, the medical transportation is an additional service cost per trip. 

Q: I am walking with an assistive device, am I able to move to Ingleside Homes?

A: Ingleside Homes Retirement Apartments is an independent community for seniors 62 years or older. We have residents who need an assistive device (ex. cane, walker, wheelchair) to enable their mobility. Our Assisted Living community residents may use assistive devices, except for motorized wheelchairs. 


Q: May I smoke at Ingleside Homes?

A: Ingleside Homes communities are Smoke-Free facilities committed to healthy lifestyle for residents and staff. All residents, employees, visitors, contractors, vendors and volunteers are not permitted to smoke on our properties. Residents are encouraged to participate in smoking cessation programs. Residents who are current smokers must go to areas away from our building and surrounding grounds to smoke.