Financial FAQs

Q: What is the cost of Ingleside Homes Independent Retirement Apartments?

A: The fees required monthly are in two parts.  The first part is the rent, which ranges from $749 for a Studio apartment to $1720 for a 3-Room apartment with 2 bedrooms. If residents qualify based on their income, they can receive assistance from HUD. With a HUD subsidy, the rent portion of their monthly fee, then becomes 30% of their monthly income. 

The second part of the payment is our service fee to cover all other monthly expenses.  The service fee includes three, nutritionally-balanced meals daily, weekly housekeeping and all utilities including DIRECT TV cable, and telephone including long distance. It also provides residents with all social activities, maintenance and security.  The service fee for a nicely-sized, one-room Studio is $698.00, the service fee for a two-room (one bedroom apt.) is $998.00 for one person and $1423.00 for two people. The out of pocket monthly expense would be the total of the rent and service fee.

Q: What is the cost of Ingleside Homes Assisted Living community. 

A: The cost per month for Ingleside Assisted Living costs per month range from $3230.00 for a semi-private (shared) room to $5925.00 for a one bedroom apartment with kitchenette.  The most affordable private room is a Studio apt. priced at $3895.00. We do participate in the Medicaid Waiver program. Medicaid will only pay for a semi-private room. Family members are allowed to buy-up to a private room from the base that Medicaid covers. 

Q: How do I pay for services?

A: Ingleside Homes fee for the Independent Retirement Apartments is comprised of a rental fee plus a required service fee. The rental fees vary based on size of apartment/ number of rooms. The service fee increases with the size of the apartment and/or the number of residents in the room. The rent and service fees are charged monthly.

For our Assisted Living community, there are five options for room sizes in our community, with varying price options from a semi-private room to private studio up to a master suite. There are two methods types of financial options: private pay or Medicaid Waiver program. Medicaid Waiver program requires an application through the State of Delaware Division of Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities. Contact their office at (800-223-9074) to arrange for an interview with a case manager.   

Q: Are meals included?

A: Ingleside Homes services include breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Snacks are available from our on-site vending machine and gift shop.  We have special holiday and party meals, as well.  We have a rotating five-week menu designed by dining services director. 

Q: Will I have a telephone in my room?

A: A telephone is provided in each room at Ingleside Homes and is linked to your Security/Alert Pendant. Telephone services are covered under that service fee portion of your monthly rent. 

Q: Will I have cable television in my room?

A: For our Independent Retirement Apartments, the monthly fee includes 49 standard stations provided by DIRECT TV.  Residents must provide their own television set.

For the Assisted Living community, cable TV is extra and the resident is responsible for contacting a service provider for connections and billing.